The Software

Our embedded system, tracking algorithms and drive/motor packs are unique because of following salient points:

  • In built ‘Back tracking’ algorithms, for maximizing plant load factor (CUF)
  • ‘Turn on, forget it’ installation mode - in built GPS sensors, Real time clock, inclination sensors etc. to automatically calculate the solar position and panel position for any installation location and start tracking!
  • Minimal rating motors, as the mechanical pivot developed by us is frictionless and hence requires minimal force for movement.

The Hardware

We have developed a ‘no bearings, maintenance free, frictionless pivot’, the xFP-10, which replaces a bearing in our single axis tracking solution.

Unique points of this product are:

  • No requirement of lubrication, for life of the plant (>40 years)
  • Completely immune to dust.
  • Zero wear and tear of mechanical parts.
  • Since the mechanism is frictionless, very less force is required to move a tracker - which means that no external power source is required to move the panels - upto 150 KW can be moved using a 7Kg force.

Typically, in 1 MW, 800-1000 of the xFP-10’s will be required and will be supplied by us, accompanied by LIFETIME replacement guarantee.

Possible Tracker Configurations:

  • Single axis Horizontal Tracked.
  • Single Axis Equatorial Tracked.
  • Dual Axis pole mounted.
  • Dual Axis tilt and roll.

Optimal configuration is selected based on size and shape of available land, location and purpose of installation and PV technology selected.